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1964 Winsmith Breakdown

When Astbury Water Technology had a breakdown on the rake drive for one of their clarifiers, they reached out to B&H for some help. The catch was that on top of being broke-down, they didn't want to spend a lot of money on this piece of equipment,...

How To Reduce Downtime Caused by Speed Reducers

Speed reducers should just work, right? Set it and forget it is not the way to think about proper speed reducer preventive maintenance. There are proactive steps you should take to ensure your production line stays operating at full capacity.

Overhead Conveyor Drive Repair | Breakdown

Late on a Friday afternoon, I received a call from a power transmission distributor looking for a Falk 5DTC reducer with a ratio of 74-1. He had a Chrysler plant down and needed the speed reducer asap. Fortunately, we had two new surplus units in...

[New Arrivals] Falk 2160Y2 Speed Reducers

We recenlty purchased these Falk 2160Y2 Speed Reducers. They will make excellent drives for belt conveyors. You will notice from the picture that they are fan cooled and they are rated for over 1000 horsepower. These are from the very successfull...

Advantages of the TA-II Dodge Shaft Mount Speed Reducer

I would like to review the improvements and changes Dodge has made to their highly successful Torque arm shaft mount reducer.