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Speed Reducer Supply Chain Issues

The last year and a half have been extremely challenging for our manufacturing customers and suppliers.  We are seeing many gear reducer manufacturers extending lead times up to 12 weeks for reducers that are normally a week or less for delivery.

Falk 3DTC3 vs 5DTC3 Gear Reducers

The Falk 5DTC3 and the smaller 3DTC3 are two of the most common overhead conveyor drives and have been manufactured for many years. They look very similar.  The units on the left are size 5DTC3 reducers and the units on the right are 3DTC3 reducers.

Overhead Conveyor Drive Repair | Breakdown

Late on a Friday afternoon, I received a call from a power transmission distributor looking for a Falk 5DTC reducer with a ratio of 74-1. He had a Chrysler plant down and needed the speed reducer asap. Fortunately, we had two new surplus units in...