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How NOT To Rebuild a Gear Drive

Posted by Marc Bekolay on Wed, Oct 21, 2020 @ 12:56 PM

We recently had a customer say he could get a rebuilt Dodge shaft mount for cheaper than we had quoted him.  After some further discussion, the customer gave us the link to the reducer he was considering.

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This rebuilder thinks throwing a fresh coat of paint and maybe changing the seals qualifies as a rebuilt gear reducer. 

  • They ground the input shaft with a hand grinder and it is clearly no longer round. 
  • The cavity of the reducer has rust on all surfaces including the bearings. 
  • The bearings are frosted. 
  • The bore of the output hub is rusty.
  • Did they remove all the cups and check the housing for wear?
  • If no bearings were removed or replaced.  What is the integrity of the bearing areas on the shafts?
  • We checked availability of the Timken bearings on this unit and a pair of them were 6-week lead time.  

To see how gear drive repairs should look check out this story of how we took a severely damaged shaft mount Dodge gear reducer type TA3203

Check out our gear drive and repair page to see how we would rebuild a gear drive.

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