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Can't find this speed reducer

Posted by Marc Bekolay on Fri, Aug 11, 2017 @ 06:44 PM

What happens when you can't find a replacement for your speed reducer or it has been discontinued by the manufacturer? We hear this almost every day.


In this instance, the Detroit based manufacturer had an old US inline gear drive. It had massive failure and needed all new gearing. The lead time was 6-8 weeks from the factory. We proposed several options. The customer chose to go with the Rexnord planetary gear reducer. We fabricated a custom motor mount and more importantly a custom drive base. The drive base matched the output shaft center and bolt holes of their old reducer; making installation simpler.

Some of the benefits of the new motor and reducer package:

  • More horsepower capacity
  • Delivery in days vs. weeks
  • Improved efficiency - energy savings


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