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Advantages of the Baldor Cooling Tower Drive

Posted by Marc Bekolay on Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 02:00 PM

The Baldor Electric Cooling Tower drive package provide facilities with another way to go green and save money.

The mechanical components of the fan drive system have typically been the largest maintenance issue for cooling towers.  Misalignment, gearbox leaks and excess vibration are some of the main issues we encounter.  This new drive package eliminates the  gearbox and couplings from the cooling tower system providing improved efficiencies.  The fan blades mount right on the Baldor motor.  The permanent magnet control also increases operating efficiencies in lightly loaded conditions.  The motor is designed to fit your existing Amarillo and Marley envelope to provide for easier retrofit.

Some of the features of this drive package are:

  • Increased efficiency and power factor performance
  • Operates at optimal system efficiency point with variable speed control
  • Increased system reliability with fewer mechanical parts
  • Simplified installation or retrofit with gearbox foot print
  • Inpro/Seal® combination slinger and labyrinth non-contact shaft seal protects motor from water ingress and contamination
  • Easy to use drive control parameters
  • Interfaces easily to building automation control systems
  • Replaces high maintenance conventional gear and belt drive arrangements
  • Quieter operation than conventional motor/gearbox system

Baldor Cooling tower drive

 This drive package is a great way to save energy and to simplify maintenance demands on your existing cooling tower.

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