Baldor Super E Motors with Aegis Shaft Protection

Applications: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning blower and fan motors, pump motors, and other general purpose applications using an adjustable speed drive.

Horsepower:  1 thru 100 | Frames: 56T-405T

• AEGIS® bearing protection ring installed internally
• Choice of TEFC or Open Drip Proof Enclosures
• NEMA Premium® efficiencies for LEED and FEMP buildings
• Class H insulation with Inverter Spike Resistant insulation system - meets NEMA MG 1 Part
• Inverter Ready™ 
• 1.15 service factor with Class B temperature rise at rated horsepower (sine wave)
• Heavy duty frames with cast endplates, suitable for mounting in any position
• Dynamically balanced rotors for reduced vibration and quiet operation
• Ball bearings with Mobil Polyrex® EM grease.
• Other speeds, horsepower ratings, and voltages available as custom motors
• AEGIS® SGR guarantees the prevention of bearing damage caused by drive-induced currents
• Three year limited product warranty